Rivers That Flow South To North

Athabasca alberta canada 765 miles. Major rivers flowing from south to north.

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Deschutes oregon usa 250 miles.

Rivers that flow south to north. It is not uncommon for rivers to flow north and many more rivers in addition to the nile do flow north. The red river in the u s. Maps are two dimensional depictions of the earth that.

The misconception that rivers only flow south is thought to be an indirect consequence of the way in which students learn geography. The mississippi river running north to south from minnesota to louisiana and the gulf of mexico is considered the most important river in the usa. Johns river flows from south to north.

And canada and florida s st. Bighorn river u s 185 miles. John s river in florida the willamette river in oregon and the monongahela river which starts in west virginia and flows into pittsburgh.

The only two rivers that flow south to north are the nile river in egypt and the tenefly river in new jersey. However if the source happens to be south of the mouth the river then naturally flows in a northward direction. Below is a partial list of rivers length listed when known that do just that.

Bann northern ireland 80 miles. Cauca colombia 597 miles. Thus to hopefully educate the world about the goals and desires of rivers i ve written a new article called rivers flowing north.

If predictions about global warming are correct one day the frozen rivers of antarctica will. Athabasca river canada 765 miles. Some well known rivers in the united states that run north include the st.

In fact rivers that flow north can be found all around the world. Most of these questions come from americans who for some reason must presume that since the mississippi flows south all rivers on the planet flow south. Rivers flow in whichever direction elevation descends.

Eel northern california usa 78 miles. Bighorn wyoming and montana usa 336 miles. We have not listed rivers that run to the northwest.

River bann northern ireland 80 miles. Cauca river colombia 600 miles. There are many more small rivers.

Johns river also flow north. The genesee river flows north from pennsylvania across western new york and spills into lake ontario. In the state of florida the st.

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