Anther Of A Flower

The anthers on the flowers are an integral part of the flower s structure that create the pollen. It is crucial in the reproduction of flowering plants as it produces the male gametophyte known as pollen.

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Anthers are usually compartmentalized and contain the pollen grains microgametophytes.

Anther of a flower. You have probably encountered it in springtime maybe you ve had to wash yellow pollen off. The pistil or female part of the flower is composed of one or a number of carpels collectively called the gynoecium that fuse to read more. It carry the pollen grains within the microsporangia which further develops into a pollen sac.

The anther is a structure found in the male reproductory part of the flower refers to as stamen or androecium. The transfer of pollen allows the plant to develop seeds that create a new generation of infant plants. It is composed of a long tube called a filament and has a pollen producing structure on the end.

The anthers of a flower are yellow because they contain the pollen and the pollen is yellow in color. This oval shaped structure is called the anther. The flower is the reproductive part of the plant.

It has a knob like structure which usually consists of two lobes joined together by the connective tissue. Flowers create pollen and attract pollinators to transport this pollen between plants. The male reproductive part of a flower is called the stamen.

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